Discover new ways to improve your AWS infrastructure by automating everything. Learn how to use cloud automation to build resiliency, increase efficiency, and master compliance for your Cloud infrastructure.

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21 - Chat with Michele Mancioppi about monitoring as code

Today I'm joined by Michele Mancioppi to talk about monitoring as code

20 - Chat with Allen Helton about StepFunctions

Today I'm joined by Allen Helton to talk about StepFunctions

19 - Chat with Filip Pyrek about buttonize

Today I'm joined by Filip Pyrek to talk about buttonize

18 - Chat with Manuel Vogel about superwerker

Today I'm joined by Manuel Vogel to talk about superwerker

17 - Chat with Luc van Donkersgoed about event-driven architecture

Today I'm joined by Luc van Donkersgoed to talk about event-driven architecture

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