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15 - Chat with Julian Michel about projen

Today I'm joined by Julian Michel to talk about projen

14 - Chat with Ran Isenberg about Serverless Python

Today I'm joined by Ran Isenberg to talk about Serverless Python

13 - Chat with Elad Ben-Israel about Wing

Today I'm joined by Elad Ben-Israel to talk about WingTwitter: https://www.wingla...

12 - Chat with Doug Clauson about Amazon CodeCatalyst

Today I'm joined by Doug Clauson to talk about Amazon CodeCatalystCodecatalyst: In: ...

11 - Chat with Casey Lee about the DPRA

Today I'm joined by Casey Lee to talk about the Deployment Pipeline Reference Architecture

10 - Chat with Johannes Koch about Amazon CodeCatalyst

Today I'm joined by Johannes Koch to talk about Amazon CodeCatalyst

09 - Chat with Paul Swail about serverless testing

Today I'm joined by Paul Swail to talk about serverless testing

08 - Chat with Andrea Cavagna about AWS authentication

Today I'm joined by Andrea Cavagna to talk about AWS authentication

07 - Chat with Kristine Jetzke about the state of DevOps and CI/CD

Today I'm joined by Kristine Jetzke to talk about the state of DevOps and CI/CD

06 - Chat with Michael Bahr about automated dependency management

Today I'm joined by Michael Bahr to talk about automated dependency management

05 - Chat with Kristi Perreault about serverless architecture

Today I'm joined by Kristi Perreault to talk about serverless architecture and the well-architected framework

04 - Chat with Matt Coulter about enterprise architecture

Today I'm joined by Matt Coulter to talk about enterprise architecture

03 - Chat with Matthew Bonig about AWS Step Functions

Today I'm joined by Matthew Bonig to talk about AWS Step Functions

02 - Chat with Andreas Wittig about Infrastructure as Code tools

Today I'm joined by Andreas Wittig to talk about different Infrastructure as Code tools

01 - Chat with Michele Mancioppi about observability

Today I'm joined by Michele Mancioppi from Lumigo to talk about Observability

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